Actress Blown Away By Spectacular Shen Yun Costumes

“It’s gorgeous. The costumes are spectacular, bright, and colorful. The dancing is beautiful. It’s really athletic and graceful—crazy how they flip and jump and soar. Also it’s interesting to learn the stories [from traditional Chinese culture].”

“I keep being blown away by the costumes. They’re so vibrant and beautiful. And I love, in a couple of dances, where the dancers have [either] bells or chopsticks and [their sounds] go with the music as well. It’s very entertaining and beautiful. … I love that they incorporate the traditional dresses into the costumes and it paints a picture for you to watch.”

“[I feel] in awe, inspired.”

“In the program, it says that in Chinese the word for ‘dance’ and the word for ‘martial arts’ are the same word because they come from the same fundamentals [postures and movements]. So it’s interesting to watch it thinking about that and thinking about the movements themselves—they could be martial arts. And if you watch martial arts sometimes it is like dancing. It’s really beautiful and interesting.”

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