Art Studio Owner: ‘I wish I could see it again and again’

“It’s lovely. The colors are just so striking. It’s unbelievable, their talent.”

“It gives me all sorts of crazy ideas, with their dance and the way it’s choreographed. It’s amazing. We work with a lot of children and I was thinking how inspired they would be to see a show like this. … Very [educational].”

“[The backdrop is] unbelievable. It’s outstanding. It’s phenomenal … photography mixed with digital art.”

“The performers were outstanding. You could tell they’ve trained their whole lives. They’re beautiful to look at too, just the perfection of each of them.”

“The singer, when she sang, you just get chills. You can’t help it. You kind of close your eyes. … I wish I could see it again and again.”

“I don’t even know how to describe it. … The music takes you. I was saying that it’s so relaxing after a long day. It’s so beautiful to listen to.”

“[I would say to the performers] keep on doing what you’re doing, because you bring so much joy to everybody, the whole visual performance, and not even knowing the story too. It’s just so visually stimulating.”

“I would say [to friends] you have to come and see [Shen Yun]. I wish that I could take it with me to show them.”

“I thought the performance was amazing, the way they stayed completely synchronized, and the way they did everything together. It was awesome, and the colors were amazing.”

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