Artist Says She ‘Can’t Wait Next Year to Come Again’ After Seeing Shen Yun for the First Time

SYDNEY, Australia—Anne Pulk, an artist who has painted for 17 years, was amazed when she saw the curtains rise at Sydney’s Capitol Theatre on March 10, 2020.

Shen Yun Performing Arts’ opening act left a strong impression on her.

“Wow! It was amazing. I have always wanted to come to the show. But never happened before. It was my first time. And it was really powerful. Very, very, very powerful,” Pulk said.

As an artist who enjoys Latin dancing, Pulk understood all the hard work it took to bring out their best.

“All dancers were so professional, they moved in one line. I see [what’s] behind the scene, so I didn’t just see beautiful dance. I see the practice and all the hours of dedication behind it,” she said.

Pulk was drawn in by the ladies in pink dresses and the long blue-green sleeves: “I think that was really, really lovely.”

While the dancers got her attention, the digital backdrop didn’t go unnoticed; Pulk had never seen anything like this before.

“That was really real! That was really real. My friend—we were looking at it—it looked that they really dropped there and really flew there. I have never seen anything like that used before in performances and I found it really, really original,” she said.

The New-York based performing arts company combines an animated digital backdrop with dance choreography that allows all kinds of stories to be told on the stage. It’s an invention so original that it has its own patent.

Colors were certainly a point of inspiration for the veteran painter.

“It inspired me in lots of ways. I really like that it was so colorful. I really do love colors and I think that they are very important in our life. With the movements and everything, it was really lovely,” she said.

Pulk had nothing but praise for the artistic director.

“Just amazing. Really well done. All the performers—obviously very talented. A lot of work on both sides. Good job. Very well done. Can’t wait next year to come again.”

“Everything is beyond amazing … I 100 percent recommend it to everyone. Every cent is really worth it. The show was just simply amazing.”

With reporting by NTD Television and Alan Cheung.

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