Author Moved by Hope and Free Spirit Conveyed in Shen Yun

“It was an amazing performance, a colorful experience. It’s moving. I’m in awe of the way they can move and the synchronicity of the movements. It is overwhelming to watch. Beautiful!”

“[The aspect that stood out for me] the most is the discipline—the discipline of dance, their total commitment in perfecting every movement as a group and individually. And that commitment is obvious in their performance.”

“It was obvious to me there’s been a lot of transition in China. It is a challenge when the evolution of man is disrupted by ego—control. People should not be controlled. People should have their own free will and experience life on their own terms without judgment and hypocrisy.”

“I think that’s represented in the show. We can see in certain stories [“The Divine Renaissance Begins” and “Unprecedented Crime”] they are talking about the concern about controlling people.”

“It takes you through the description of control in many aspects: government, military, even in families, and the influence of the ego and the darkness of man. And then it comes through to the end [that] there is more of a free spirit feel to the production. And it is almost like the promised land is now here and people can be an individual.”

“There’s hope and a connection with the divine [seen in Shen Yun]. The common theme in the show is ‘goodness should prevail and the human spirit should be allowed to soar.’”

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