Banking VP Says the Energy Was Definitely Electrifying at Shen Yun

“[Shen Yun] was stunning. It was a wonderful show.”

“The choreography was absolutely wonderful. The attire was mesmerizing. And just the flow of the whole evening went extremely well.”

“I loved the two-string instrument [erhu] that accompanied with the piano. That was a wonderful piece. That touched me the most. I went [to] a different place when I was listening to her —emotionally, I just kind of disappeared into the show during that scene when she was playing.”

“[The soprano’s performance]—her voice was just incredible, second to none. It was just an incredible experience to hear her sing.”

“The history is amazing. And I can’t wait to come back next year to see the next show, to see what they do differently. I am a fan [of Shen Yun]—a fan for life.”

“I walked in with an expectation. And my expectations were exceeded—I did have an inner peace and I felt a balance from the show—it kind of brought balance and harmony for me.”

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