Business Owner Amazed By Shen Yun’s Beauty and Chinese Culture

“It’s amazingly beautiful. I love that they go through a history of the dance and type of clothes [the ancient dynasties] would wear.”

“I like that they tell about people, the different dynasties what they dressed like and what the typical dances were like, the different costumes. I feel we’re getting educated with a little bit of the history of the [ancient] culture in China.”

“The beginning is just amazing because the women [dancers] are so beautiful. Some parts make you feel so joyous, because they’re so happy and smiling, and you can just feel that they’re happy.”

“I felt overwhelmed, just amazed because it’s just beautiful. The fog lifts and the costumes are beautiful.”

“Obviously they’re just so talented.”

“I loved it. One part made me cry. The acting was so real…the part that really struck me the most was when they were saying about the meditation [Falun Gong] that they are persecuted for meditating.”

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