CEO Feels Connection to Shen Yun

“This is a great opportunity for me to see another culture, which is very far away from us.”

“It’s very spiritual because I understand in the beginning [piece], it’s very related with the way that Chinese … see the world. I mean we are in the middle of something divine on the earth, we’re just in the middle.”

“I feel good, I feel very good. I feel I learned a lot tonight.”

“It’s an ancient culture. [Shen Yun’s mission is] very important. This part of the world only knows European and Latin-American culture, and the Chinese culture is very rich.”

“There’s a connection. You can feel it in the people clapping their hands and feeling very happy.”

“Spectacular [dancers]. … There’s no mistake, not one mistake. Every dancer, the same minute, the same movement—it’s perfect, perfection on the stage.”

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