CEO Praises Shen Yun Dancers: ‘They’re flawless’

“The performance was seamless. The Chinese art form of the dancing was pretty educational and nice to see. It was seamless and flawless, so it was a beautiful performance. It was awesome. It was great.”

“[What I most appreciated was] probably the costuming and just the overall dance style. The whole performance was really different and unique and pretty and beautiful, and the technique was so flawless. It was beautiful. We just don’t see that very much in North American performances.”

“The orchestra was amazing, and the individual performances with the sopranos and then the lady [who played] the erhu—that seemed pretty amazing because it was perfect. But I’m sure it’s a very, very difficult instrument to play and one that we never ever see here. That was really awesome. That was really beautiful.”

“I used to dance growing up, so I always did ballet, jazz dance. I was an arts student so I appreciate the performance side of it, and just the technique and the perfection and the timing. Everything was just synchronous with no flaws, which was really amazing.”

“I like the [emcees], and I like the Chinese and the English. It was a nice way to explain the different stories. You know what they’re telling in the story. It feels well thought out. It was really amazing.”

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