Choreography and Costumes Flow Magically for Theatergoer

“I’m very surprised at what I’m seeing today and happy to be seeing that. … The colors are fantastic. We’re way up in the balcony, so you can see the fabulous colors, fabulous fabrics. The dancing is exquisite. The music—I keep looking down in the pit to see. Wow! Live music of that quality!”

“I’m a big fan of dancing. The acrobatics are incredible. … Beautiful!”

“It was lovely, lovely, lovely, worth seeing for sure.”

“I end up getting caught up in the way that all the fabrics move, and the way the colors show, and the way the dancers are. The sleeves, they’re magical—just to be able to take fabric and extend an arm like that and make everybody [part of] the same motion at the same time—that’s really very imaginative, very beautiful.”

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