Clarinetist Lauds Shen Yun Orchestra

“The show was just simply amazing—lots of color, lots of ambience. The use of technology was also very well integrated into the show while keeping all the traditions and at the same time bringing all the magic with it.”

“The orchestra was amazing. It was great to have some of [the musicians] onstage for the show. A lot of [performances] don’t always do that.”

“[The erhu soloist Mei Xuan] was a virtuoso. It was great to see what a professional musician can do with this instrument. … It’s great that she can have a spot onstage to bring the magic of her instrument to the world.”

“I want to tell [the musicians in the orchestra] to keep up with your passion. … That is something that needs a lot of devotion, a lot of intensity … To get to the professional level it’s another world. It’s like the Olympians—it’s only a small percentage of people who actually get into something like music or dance that can reach that level.”

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