Company Co-Owner: ‘I’m on a little ride in Heaven’

“I feel like I’m on a little ride in Heaven. It’s like your own spiritual journey.”

“I’m gallivanting in the ancient world of China. It takes us back.”

“You’re allowed to bring [the ancient Chinese culture] here so we can learn about it, so we’re understanding exactly how they were over there.”

“It’s pretty breathtaking. Not even with words, it doesn’t have to be lyrics or verbiage, it’s all conveyed through feelings and emotion. You’re able to get that all through the music and dancing.”

“You have a transcendental experience within the show while you’re sitting in the seat. You’re able to go through that spiritual journey, not just with yourself, but with your loved ones.”

– Shannon Bennett, co-owner of Bennett & Porter wealth management company

“A must see. You need to come here, and you need to experience it. It’s fantastic. …We’ve seen shows in Vegas, we’ve seen Broadway shows, we’ve seen all of them, and this is different than anything we’ve ever seen before.”

“I’m actually kind of a spiritual person so [the spiritual element] is fantastic.”

“It’s very tranquil, very peaceful … mesmerizing.”

“[The performance] is put together well. Everything’s very precise, everybody’s perfect and meticulous.”

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