Compassion Pervades Shen Yun Performance

“This was really beautiful, and I really wish that somehow the people in China could see this—there is enough energy to bring peace and compassion. And one of my personal mottos is: When you have a choice, choose compassion.”


“You can see it [compassion] in their expressions, their movements, their grace.”


“I’m going to tell more people about it. And I think that the gentleness has a way of just permeating and spreading with other people. And we need to spread more compassion, more tolerance, more understanding, and more purity of heart. And it seemed that these performers were really pure of heart.”


“I do watch the movements. I do get the emotion from the dance and the mind—the expression, and how it transcends language. You don’t have to speak Mandarin or Cantonese, or any Chinese to understand.”


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