Dance Group Director Touched by Heavenly Themes in Shen Yun

“It’s an exquisite performance, very expressive. We were connecting what the emcees said with what the dancers later performed—it’s an extraordinary expression of dance.”

“I was very impressed with the expressiveness, the accuracy, and the use of technology—when the dancers go to the end of the stage and get into the video [animated backdrops]; extraordinary.”

“[The sleeves, part of the female dancers’ costumes in one scene] looked like an extension of their arms; very soft, very delicate.”

“I was very touched by the moment when the heavenly being appears [‘The Divine Renaissance Begins’], and I got the message that [he is] the messiah we are waiting for. And based on the moments we are living that are so complicated, I feel we are reaching a negative climax so we can later have the hope of seeing the heavenly being that will come to harmonize the whole universe.”

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