Director Finds Shen Yun Awesome

“I thought it was beautiful. It was nice to see all the different colors and the dancers and all the different styles.”

“It was just amazing, putting it all together, seeing it live in person—seeing it up close and all the different costumes and colors and all the orchestra music to go with it, is just awesome.”

“It was neat to see all the different stories, and I liked the narrators coming out and prefacing what the story would be and then seeing it. It made it very enjoyable and to understand what exactly was going on.”

“I thought [the music] was on point. The dancing and the orchestra just melded.”

“[I learned about] culture, music. I learned about the instrument that I always hear [erhu], but I’ve never seen played, and I didn’t realise it was two strings—that was really neat to see.”

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