Divine Inspiration Portrayed in Shen Yun ‘More Important Today Than It’s Even Been’

“I thought the Shen Yun performance was brilliant. It was absolutely relaxing. It was exuberating. The dancers are extremely talented. They’re very athletic and they are bringing joy to people’s lives. I think it was a lovely performance. Highly recommendable.”

“The ability of the choreography and all the dancers to be able to create not only the dance abilities, but the engaging part is the story behind it. So I think they’ve done a marvellous job of giving 5,000 years of history of China in a very condensed form. It was lovely.”

“I think sometimes we forget the ability of divine inspiration to come back into people’s lives. Sometimes when we are comfortable, as Westerners tend to be, we forget that divine inspiration helps us through times of perils and the reality is it helps us through all times. And it’s probably more important today than it’s ever been, it’s just we’re not aware of it.”

“[Regarding the piece “The Divine Renaissance Begins”], I think it’s just a way of having the circle completed, that they are showing where everything is coming from and where everything is going back to. I thought it was lovely.”

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