Former Dancer Raves About Shen Yun’s Technique, Training

“I think their dancing is magnificent! How they translate the art, the culture, the history, in their dancing is just so vibrant, so magnificent, so beautiful. It’s spectacular.”

“I thought everything was unique. I think it’s amazing how the ancient history, with the heels that are three or four inches [tall], how they move with their feet, how it’s so fluid, it’s beautiful! [referring to the dance titled ‘Ladies of the Qing Dynasty’].”

“You can tell they’ve had the best training. I wasn’t surprised when they said that they study and train in New York City. That’s the best place to be.”

“I’ll come back every year. I thought it was fantastic.”

“I loved it! I sat in the second row. I was with my husband—who’s Canadian—and he loved it. He said it told such a great story, and he’s a big history buff, so he got it a lot better than I did. I was more into the dancing and the movement, he was more into the history and the story, so it was really neat.”

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