Former Mexican Governor: ‘The theater was full, that tells you everything’

“I was the governor of Querétaro, I built this theater.”

“For me, it is a great honor to see a show of this caliber, of this magnitude. It is truly exquisite, in the most prominent venue we have for culture in Querétaro, which is this great theater.”

“The combination of Western and Oriental instruments [in the orchestra] seems to me very well achieved. The orchestra is of the highest quality. … And of course the choreography is absolutely extraordinary.”

“It left me a message of great beauty, and also a message that refers to freedom because … in China liberties are still not respected, as they should be.”

“The content is based on the Chinese tradition, and they way it is portrayed is absolutely extraordinary. One can´t help it but be moved when seeing the harmony with which the show is performed with.”

“[The artists] portray exactly what [the deep internal meaning] they want to, the same thing is present in the music. The great musicians, the great composers, have been people who have a deep inner life, just like the great painters. The same is true with dancers, or with those who do the choreography.”

“[Shen Yun] is a shelter for your soul, not only is it a delight for the eyes—for the harmony and the way they perform the dance—but they also have a message that is very comforting.”

“It is of a tremendous harmony, the movements of the dancers and the music. … It is a very harmonious show, very beautiful—especially that it has a message.”

“The theater was full, that tells you everything.”

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