‘Going to the Eighth Level of Heaven’ with Shen Yun

“Very enchanting. I saw the show last year and today it’s another story. … This first part of the program is magnificent. I’m looking forward to the rest of the show.”

“[I came again because of] the beauty, the true beauty of Shen Yun. It’s magnificent, the precision, the dances, the history too. It’s very psychological, spiritual too. It’s brings out a lot of emotions.”

“We’re going somewhere else [through the show], we’re going beyond what we might think of what is dance. We think we know dance, but Shen Yun will bring us hope, beauty, and fluidity. We’re going beyond our expectations with Shen Yun.”

“It’s very emotional, we’re going to feel emotions that we don’t see much in dance, so on this side we’re really being taken elsewhere. We’re going to the eighth level of heaven, as they say.”

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