Gymnast Amazed By Shen Yun: ‘Something You’ve Never Seen Before’

“I love [the performance]. It’s something that I’ve never seen before … but it’s amazing. Everyone is so elegant. It’s absolutely beautiful.”

“I think [the dancers’ techniques are] gorgeous. It’s similar to what I do [in rhythmic gymnastics]. Because now I realize a lot of the techniques are similar—the jumps and the turns. … And at the same time they do it all together, and [they are] very difficult techniques. It is so amazing.” [Note: Rhythmic gymnastics incorporates techniques and flips from classical Chinese dance. See article for more details: What is Classical Chinese Dance]

“The male dancers are amazing. When they are on the ground and they are spinning, a lot of the tricks I have never seen before. It’s something that was completely new to me because I feel like I have seen a lot because of my experience, but this has completely taken me by surprise.”

“I think the female dancers are absolutely gorgeous. My favorite [dances] are the ones with very long sleeves, the pink ones, because they shoot them out and it’s so gorgeous, and they are so long and elegant.”

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