History Professor Finds Magic in Shen Yun

“I think it was a splendid introduction to the magic of folklore, to the magic of ethnicity, to the magic of youth, to the magic of hope, to the magic of precision, and the magic of love of culture.”


“I was extremely impressed with all the dancers. The women performed and appeared and looked exactly as one would expect great ladies to appear in history or onstage. And the men were more than athletic.”


“It was a joy, and I would hope that a lot of college students come and have a chance to share the success of the show as something they can see because people enjoy everything that you did tonight. I think they [college students] are concerned with the future of arts, and the arts imitate life, and the life that was imitated tonight is just beautiful. It’s all that we would like to see.”


“I think it [the humanity portrayed] was real, and I think that I detected a dedication to the meaning of life …”


“[The dance carries] feelings—feelings of that time, feelings of today, and they become very obvious and worth considering. It’s a way to communicate what we can accept, what we should accept, what we fear, and what we hope for tomorrow. …”


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