Hotel Owner Sees ‘Pure Humanity’ in Shen Yun

“This is an unbelievable experience. I’ve never seen anything like this before. If somebody asks me which particular dance would you prefer or would you like I would say each one of them is incredible. The artists, the costumes, the backdrop, the orchestra, everything here is class. This is mind-blowing. I wish it was longer than two hours.”

“I think this is the most inspiring performance that the non-Chinese community would want to look at.”

“We’ve seen what the creator has created for this beautiful world. We have seen it connected very well onstage. What we see today is pure humanity. What we see today is the passion that’s behind what the choreographer or the director of the show have created and I have nothing more to say other than it is a simply fascinating and mind-blowing experience to see what we see today. Well done!”

“What we see today is an eye opener. Every bit of it is a journey for us, every bit is an experience for us, and God bless [Shen Yun] for creating such a wonderful show.”

“We’ve seen what the Chinese dynasties have to offer, what the culture has to offer. We’ve never been able to see that in real sense because we are outsiders, we don’t know what the culture is like. What has been depicted is a piece of education. It is for us to know what beautiful culture is. We’ve heard of it, but what we see today is simply amazing.”

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