‘I got choked up in there, I loved it,’ Publisher Says

“I absolutely loved it. It was breathtaking. I started to cry a little bit. It was an emotional ride. Every time I turned around it was something new and exciting … I was spell-bound. I could see it in their faces, the joy that they were projecting to me—I feel amazing when I’m watching them, and I can tell that they not only believe what they’re doing, but they’re projecting it to everybody. I was very, very touched.”

“I really feel for the people [that practice] Falun Dafa. I’ve been to China many times. I feel for them. I was saying to my wife, ‘this is America, you can practice here, but for those who are still over there and being persecuted, it’s a terrible shame.’ … You realize that there is a tragedy going on in this world.”

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