‘I just feel honored to have been able to see this performance’

“Loved the colors. Just the costumes were amazing. The colors were amazing. The performers—just phenomenal.”

“What really struck me is how much emotion they carried within their performance, visually. They were in the moment the entire show and it showed. It was very touching. I just feel honored to have been able to see this performance.”

“The performances were phenomenal. These young people in this day and age that they’re putting themselves out there and learning this—it was great. And the fact that there was this live orchestra that you did not even really know that was there. They were too hidden. And the music that just came out of them was phenomenal.”

“I highly recommend it. It was just the most amazing performance and I really just feel lucky that I was able to feel part of the whole audience.”

“The stories made me feel like I wish now I had seen it every year.”

“The timing was phenomenal from start to finish. Nobody missed a step. My breath was like, “oh” because it was so precise and so professional.”

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