In Shen Yun, Everything Is Connected to the Spiritual, Professor Says

“I loved it. It was really very good. It was very well-performed. The dancers are fantastic, really excellent. My impression is great, just great.”

“It has been wonderful, and I am really happy to be here. I come from a very long way, from Mendoza. My husband and I are very glad to be here, and I am enjoying every minute of the show.”

“I am absolutely impressed. The dancers are very exact in their movement, very dedicate, very professional—absolutely.”

“For us, it was very impressive to see the Buddha in the show. We also practice meditation. I think everything is connected with the spirit of Buddha and meditation. So we are very glad to see an image of the Buddha in the show.”

“Everything is connected to the spiritual aspect. We can see it in the dancers, in the hearts of the dancers, in the spirit of the public as well.”

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