Inspiration for Interior Designer: ‘There’s such beautiful colors used to represent feelings’

“I was absolutely blown away to see such beautiful costumes, colors. The composition of the whole stage was absolutely stunning. For somebody who loves color, I couldn’t be happier to see this. There’s such beautiful colors used to represent feelings. It’s just such an inspiration to see so much color with so much saturation.”

“The costumes, the different ranges of costumes and the colors used in the costumes, and the ways the costumes integrated into the dance were absolutely beautiful. Just stunning.”

“That dance with the sleeves [‘Han Dynasty Sleeves’] … was absolutely beautiful. The ombre from the pink to the white—for any female, this is magical.”

“I think [the artistic inspiration for me is] to recognize that culturally we can all be inspired to see history and to see different aspects of art brought together. The beauty of the costumes, with the background, with the dancers all working together, just makes for such a rich experience.”

“The stories, for me, are completely new. I know so little, to be honest, about these various aspects of Chinese history, and to see them in these little brief dances is just such an amazing way to gather some knowledge.”

“Knowing it’s ongoing today [persecution of people who practice Falun Gong] is very difficult for somebody who feels they have so much freedom to have any faith honored and acknowledged. To see the repressed is very difficult. … that’s very difficult to accept.”

“This performance, which so exciting and exhilarating, … in the background it’s a really serious message that is being put forward—that to not be able to show this in China, and to be able to show it around the world, [but] not in China, is really indicative of something really unfortunate going on.”

“There’s always a sense of hope and idealism, and what would be in the future.”

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