Interior Designer Fascinated By Shen Yun Backdrop

“I love the costumes–the different colors they have chosen, and the lighting [in the different pieces]. It creates the mood of the dance.”

“For me, the background [animated backdrop] comes alive and it blends with the dance. … For example, if it is showing a lake with flowers, it looks like the girls dancing are the flowers, and they also have the costumes [that match]–green with oranges and purples.

“You really get to know what they’re doing–the theme and the history behind the dances. You can feel the sorrow or the happiness or the struggle between them … Even though I’m up here [in the balcony] and I’m not close to them, but certainly, you can feel the mood they have created. … China has a lot of spirituality–thousands and thousands of years. You really can feel it.”

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