Interior Designer Thrilled With Shen Yun

“I think all the different stories and the culture and the journey of all the different little segments, the journey of it all … the different reactions of all the dancers and the stories they were telling, it was really nice. … Nice characters in the stories, and the dancing and the music is really culturally enhancing. It was really beautiful.”

“I think every culture has their way of relating to a divine being, and I appreciate and respect everyone’s perspective and the different perspectives you can have. I think it’s always good to learn and see what [people’s] beliefs are and just to appreciate them, and to learn from everybody and how everyone has a unique approach, but at the end of the day we are all here together as one, so that’s good.”

“Beautiful color, just gorgeous colors, and the synchronicity of the dancers. I really want one of the long dresses with the sleeves. I just want to walk around in one of those.”

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