International Ballet Artist Praises Shen Yun Dancers

“It’s amazing how the dancers are able to convey the spirituality. Usually, dancers are limited to form, but in Shen Yun you not only see the technical work, but also a spiritual process where there is no pretending. Because usually the dancer does some pretending while dancing. Here is something so natural, and you can see that the dance is for God. It’s wonderful.”

“As a classical dancer, this is a very, very special experience for me. … The dancers are divine. They have femininity, a real femininity. And the men are virile. It’s very hard to see that [today]. Each of them is very clear about their role. They also have a lot of control [in their movements]. It’s wonderful.”

“The men convey a strong energy, full of integrity. And the women are feminine. They have strength. They are like bamboo, they look fragile, but are flexible and strong. And men bring that composure, which is important. They convey security.”

“As a professional, it’s very difficult to find perfect synchronicity, because usually there’s a dancer that is ahead, but it seems that all of them [in Shen Yun] have the same breathing. So one sees a difficult work of coordination in Shen Yun, but at the same time, each of them has their individuality.”

“[The music] The sound is wonderful. The soprano’s voice is excellent. The pianist too. Everything is very well chosen, very good quality, and it’s a privilege to get to know a little bit more of Chinese culture.”

“Shen Yun touches your feelings, and that’s very beautiful. That’s the purpose of art, to convey feelings.”

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