‘It is a one-of-a-kind show,’ Architectural Designer Says

“It is exceptional. The costumes are phenomenal, the dancers are outstanding, and the culture is quite evident in the dance performance and in the music as well.”

“Visually it’s all in the color. The color of the dance, the music, it’s all quite evident. You can feel it just sitting in your seat and visually you can see it with your eyes. It’s one of the best performances I’ve ever seen here in Vancouver.”

“I’m Italian, and as Italian I really admire any form of culture. The Chinese culture in this particular performance, it’s quite visible and like I said, the dance, the colors, and the music, it’s all the story that they tell. It’s quite beautiful. It’s quite visual with the eyes, and they do a magnificent job.”

“Divine culture—it’s a shame that [Shen Yun can’t be seen] in China, but very good that we get to see it in North America and all over the world.”

“Each dance has a story … and it’s easy for the audience to digest it, to understand it, and appreciate Chinese dance, the Chinese art form, and the Chinese culture, which is quite inspiring if you really take a look at it.”

“If you just sit down and listen to the music, you can understand the interpretation of each dancer. Those male dancers are absolutely phenomenal. The women dancers are so elegant and they’re so expressive that even if you don’t understand that interpretation, the beauty is within.”

“The opera is phenomenal. … The soprano is very beautiful.

“You can do an entire collection on the colorful costumes here. I’m quite a colorful classical designer myself, and I come away with some very fascinating ideas for a next project, yes, thank you.”

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