‘It really touched us,’ Says Art Director

“Today was absolutely amazing. As a graphic designer, to see all the colors come together as one and then separately. It’s just very pleasing for my eyes, because I can appreciate the colors, the dance—the interpretive dance—because the dancing tells a story. And because I’m a visual person I can understand the story through their dancing.”

“My understanding is that they [the Chinese people] are a beautiful people and they need their story to be told, and not just here in a free country, but over in China. It would be wonderful for this to be taken back to its root in China.” (Editor’s note: The article Why Can’t Shen Yun Perform in China? provides more information.)

“There was one part of it that actually made me and my husband cry because it was talking about God, and it just really touched my heart because we’re very spiritual people. We’re not religious per se, we’re spiritual, and it really touched us. The whole thing actually touched us greatly.”

“Inside I feel that everybody on this Earth is connected, and that we’re all brothers and sisters regardless of race, color, and sex. That’s what resonated with me, that I became one with the show.”

“It’s just so colourful and engaging. As a graphic designer, that’s what I noticed.”

“It just makes me feel happy. It’s happy and it makes me want to sing inside.”

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