‘It was very entertaining, very colorful, and very educational’

“It was wonderful. It was beautiful. It was very entertaining, very colorful, and very educational as well. It was very, very enjoyable. And the music was fabulous.”

“[The combination between East and West in the orchestra] was wonderfully done and the fusion was just beautiful. And the transition from ancient to modern with the digital backgdrop was just beautifully done.”

“[Shen Yun] brought some of this very old culture to the modern public. … There were many stories to go with it that brought to life the old culture.”

“The spiritual aspect … was brought out very clearly in the performances. The traditional values were really brought out very clearly.”

“The old Chinese instruments were wonderful. [The erhu is] very unique, because it played very different pitches, different music. It is a very unique instrument. I really enjoyed listening to it, especially the combination with the piano. It really brought it out very well.”

“It’s a very warm, very touching [feeling]. It gets you right into the stomach sort of thing.”

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