‘I’ve never seen anything like it,’ Says Dancer

“I’ve never seen anything like it. I’ve been to a lot of different performances, but I haven’t seen anything like this. The costumes, the lighting—all the women were beautiful, and the males were just so strong. I’ve never seen anyone flip so high.”

“[On the female dancers,] I think they are stunning. They were all breathtaking. … I like the little details with the arm movements and the long sleeves, and how they can manage that as well as their lines and their posture. They’re beautiful.”

“The stories came across so well. A lot of them I haven’t heard of before, but just from the description of them and the way the dancers portrayed their characters—it was phenomenal.”

“I learned so much tonight. I didn’t know a lot of these stories and the culture of Chinese dance, but I’ve learned more of basic style, so it’s nice to learn a new style that I haven’t even done yet.”

“It’s almost sad to see how this can’t be shown in China, because it’s beautiful and it’s their history and it’s their culture. The fact that we can see it here and we can see it around the world is a great lesson for everyone, I think.”

“[The soprano] was amazing. Her voice was just beautiful. … I could see the emotion of what she was singing and I could just hear it. I didn’t need words to hear what she was trying to come across.”

“[On the erhu,] I was blown away. I couldn’t even tell that was just two strings. … It’s literally beautiful. I was taken away by that. … It was smooth and it was subtle, and then all of a sudden it was fast and upbeat, and I couldn’t understand how she could move her fingers so quickly.”

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