Jewellery Designer Says Shen Yun Breathtaking and Flawless

“The whole balance of the [digital] background, their moves, its flawless, you don’t hear anything every time they step, it’s so quiet.”

“The costumes and the colors and the flow. I think it’s just beautiful; it’s breathtaking, definitely breathtaking. You have a whole new respect for the culture, absolutely. It makes you want to go home and research the culture more and understand it.”

“I could see the [dancers] smiles, everybody looked so happy on stage and so happy to be doing what they’re doing.”

“There’s some scenes that I was probably more emotional than others. Some I was very happy, some I was a little sad. The “Child’s Choice” that was a little more sad.”

“It really did [bring tears]. But it makes me really want to understand the culture more than prior to coming here.”

“The music is beautiful, putting it all together, everything so precise and in order and I like that. It’s very disciplined which I liked.”

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