Manager Impressed by Love and Kindness In Shen Yun

“It was phenomenal—beautiful, colorful, professional, mesmerizing. Really nice the way they tied [classical Chinese dance] to the history [of China].”

“Spiritual, for sure, because it’s something that’s obviously missing in today’s modern China.”

“[It made me feel] very peaceful. It was breathtaking, absolutely breathtaking. And I loved the visual effects as well, using the [digital] backdrop and how they came in and out of the background. That was really interesting, a really neat technique.”

“[I saw the themes of] love and kindness … [Also] the community, the sense of community and just portraying it through the arts—through dance and music. Using the classical instruments was really interesting as well, and the vocals too.” (Editor’s note: In the Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra, Western strings, percussion, woodwinds, and brass accentuate the sound of ancient Chinese instruments, such as the two-stringed erhu and the plucked pipa. Shen Yun also features vocal soloists who sing Chinese lyrics using the bel canto operatic technique.)

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