One Longs to See What Shen Yun Showed Us, Actress Says

“I truly find it wonderful. I am so happy that the Falun Dafa Association brought us [Shen Yun]. It’s a miracle to see [the performers], the perfection, but also the sharing of so many dances and customs. … Wonderful! Wonderful!”

“I believe they are all utterly inspired. You can see that in all the dancers. … Clearly, there is a great spiritual inspiration, and the audience is [inspired] too.”

“You can see in [the dancers] a way of presenting themselves, a way of dancing that clearly has something to do with culture and the spiritual aspect of culture.”

“I also enjoyed so much the kind of humor they display, which is also of great sweetness. And those couples, those beautiful women, very delicate, those wonderful men—they all of a sudden put together something one is longing to see, and that’s strange. Without knowing it, one is longing to see what they showed us.”

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