Painter Enjoys the Beauty at Shen Yun

“It was beautiful, beautiful! I loved the costume and the music.”

“[The digital backdrop] was amazing … that was so fun. The way they were actually disappearing into the [backdrop].”

“I loved the two-string instrument [erhu]. I was talking about how amazing it was, with the two strings—sounded like a [human] voice. It was beautiful.”

“I loved learning that they believed in the creator. I thought that was beautiful. I loved it. It was nice.”

“I read that some of the Chinese people actually fly out to see [the] performance here. It was beautiful. I am amazed they’ve [Shen Yun] gone through from just one troupe to five troupes and they tour the whole world.”

“I think it is a beautiful message. … Knowing that we will return someday to Heaven. And we came from a heavenly home. I loved seeing that’s a belief that they have.”

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