Physiatrist Enjoyed the ‘Tremendous Artistry’ at Shen Yun

“We enjoyed the tremendous artistry of this performance. And I think that they were able to convey to us the history of China. … We were able to enjoy every minute of it and understood what they were trying to convey through their dance.”

“The music was absolutely beautiful. … The performance with [erhu] … the lady—was able to beautifully play it. It was just astounding.”

“All of the wonderful, beautiful costumes that we were able to see. It was just something truly, truly remarkable.”

“The message is there is hope. That’s what they [Shen Yun] were conveying. … This sort of a performance brings us all together, unites the humanity and even though we are from [a] different culture, we were able to see how beautiful it is, how we all, as humans, can enjoy something so spectacular.”

“It was so uplifting and so beautiful. … Just bring the peace to the world through the art as we have been able to see today.”

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