Professor Emeritus Deeply Impressed With the Chinese ‘Ancient Spiritual Roots’

“To me, the most impressive [aspect] was the similarity between the ancient spiritual roots of the Chinese and our own ancient spiritual roots—I saw the similarities there and that deeply impressed me.”

“The divine creation … The response of the divine to the humble seeker of truth, and the connection with our ancestors, the people in the spirit world connected with us, supporting and carrying on the cause of truth, and goodness, and right.”

“The golden book that they held up, that is the antiquity that we all share, that comes from the divine, and it was very clear there, and it’s very clear in the Western roots too, our Western religious roots.”

“Everything from the respect for the ancients and respect for your ancestors, to the modern day tourist going across the stage—you know just oblivious, all in there, everything: They covered the whole thousands of years of history. ”

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