Professor Encourages Everybody to See Shen Yun

“We drove from London and we just could barely wait to get here, so we had to try really hard not to speed because we were just too excited to get here!”

“It was absolutely spectacular! So inspiring, with a universal message. It was absolutely beautiful! Truly beautiful!”

“I thought it was such an incredible fusion of the classical and the digital, and it shows that old and new can come together beautifully. It was a message for all people. It was truly universal in that the divine within is what’s going to solve all the problems that we’re facing today. … I think it’s for all people and everyone needs to see it! Absolutely everyone!”

“The music and the dancers, the facial expressions, the costumes, every single element, the lighting when it changed, every single contributor to the show, … it helps lift you up. You walk out uplifted. And it was just fantastic that way. Even the commentators, they were so funny, it was fabulous! The whole thing was fabulous!”

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