Renowned Dancer Perceives a Unique Quality in Shen Yun Dancers

“I loved it. I’m fascinated by everything, the quality of movement. One is used to seeing ballet, and you expect the first dancer to be excellent, or the soloists, but here they are all excellent. They have such an even level—besides their movements, the quality, the choreography.

“I think what’s important too is the whole story they have been telling … of the things that took place in China and the things that are taking place nowadays. That also left me a bit shocked.”

“I think it’s wonderful. … A dancer is transparent onstage. However you are as a person will be reflected, so without meditating or doing what they do, I think my quality of life is expressed onstage, and everything I am is seen.”

“Yes, there is a notable quality, a sensitivity, something in the movements that is wonderful. And the males also—something to highlight, such masculinity that is impressive, besides the whole physical skill. That is wonderful. A classical traditional dancer usually does not achieve so many things.”

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