School Principal Finds Shen Yun Inspirational

“It was a beautiful performance. I was expecting the beautiful dancing but I wasn’t expecting the history behind it, and I really enjoyed listening to the history of China and the beautiful culture and the beliefs and values that it has, and carries, and has carried throughout the years.”

“It’s inspiring, and it’s a wonderful message to send to everybody throughout the world to continue on and to carry on their beliefs, their beliefs of being good and reaching a higher purpose in life than just what we’re seeking right now. Just our basic lack of values and materialism that is faced in this world today. It’s a wonderful message, and that’s what I enjoyed the most and my children as well.”

“It’s wonderful to see how all of us throughout the world, all different cultures and different people, really believe in the same thing. They believe in goodness and believe in a divine power, a divine grace, and if we all look together we’ll notice that we’re all the same.”

“In many religions there’s beliefs that the prophets will return. Something divine will return to help us along for our journey, so this is just another continuation of the same type of beliefs, which I think is beautiful.”

“I think [traditional values and virtues] are extremely relevant and extremely important, and deep down everyone carries those values and beliefs, and at some point people lose sight of those values and beliefs and they get lost in this world and have a hard time finding peace within themselves. [But] once they go back to those beliefs and those values, then they gain that peace again and they find the purpose in their lives.”

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