Shen Yun a Divine Delight in Purchase

“I thought the music, very orchestrated, very lovely—along with the story line. Everybody danced like they were on pillows or air. And the strength of each dancer—magnificent, where you are like, how did they do that? … It was just unbelievable.”

“I am so glad that all these artists, all these performers showed me something of culture that I didn’t know. And I thank them, I thank them for their wonderful craftsmanship in their performance.”

“The divinity was that, I was glad that it incorporated a Lord, a God, there is somebody in this world other than us, that you can believe and pray and believe into, join us together in harmony and unity to take care of each other.”

“I love the backdrop of the scenery. … I am like, this is magic, how did they do this magic? One minute they are here. The next minute, they are over there on the stage—they were flying. I am like, how did they do this?”

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