Shen Yun Appeals to Values That Ennoble Our Common Humanity

“I would say what touched me is the fact that the whole production appeals to those values that ennoble our humanity. Very specifically I would say, ennobles our common humanity.”

“Just … the need to be reminded of values—such as tolerance, compassion, the pursuit of a greater good—that, on the one hand, transcends all of us but, at the same time, unites us all. Certainly, we are reminded of this by way of the production.”

“[Shen Yun’s mission to revitalize traditional culture] is important because traditional culture brings to mind those values [and] principles, and it’s certainly revealed in art, in music, and other such genres.”

“It reminds us—of those values that are enduring, that are timeless, and will always continue to define our common humanity, and it instills within us also, I believe, a hope for a better future.”

“I would say the hope that … would inspire not just myself but all of us, would be a renaissance of an awareness of the Divine. … That Divine that all of us instinctively know and to which we ultimately, universally aspire.”

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