Shen Yun Brings ‘Message of Hope,’ Says Physician

“We want our daughter to be exposed to other cultures, and this is a beautiful way to expose her to that.”

“[Shen Yun is] very educational and it really opens your mind to how rich other cultures are, especially the Chinese culture.”

“I think the message is really powerful—the message of goodness, of learning, of enlightenment. There is a message of hope, of looking forward to the future as a positive future, rather than an oppressive future. … One could say that there is a hope from a higher being. … Hope comes from believing in the future and knowing that there is a higher being that plans things out for you.”

“[Regarding whether traditional values are important in today’s world,] I think it’s more relevant today than it was perhaps 50 years ago. I may not be the best person to comment on 50 years ago, but I can tell you, what we see in the world today, there’s a need for hope, there’s a need for positive energy.”

“There’s a balance of material and spiritual aspects—there’s a balance in life that needs to be maintained.”

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