Shen Yun ‘Brings Tears and Great, Great Joy,’ CEO Says

“I love it. We were able to see Shen Yun last year. And we enjoyed it so much that we wanted to come back. My only disappointment was my wife, who has some chronic illness, had to cancel out at the last minute. But she was so looking forward to it—it is just an incredible show.”

“It is understanding the beautiful and the depth of the Chinese culture, and Chinese tradition, traditional dance, and music. It is so moving.”

“Understanding, the difficulty of trying to bring this [traditional Chinese culture] back to life in China—it really, really pulls at my heart.”

“We are honored and we are so fortunate to be able to see it here in the U.S., and it would make my heart jump with joy to have people to be able to enjoy it, too.”

“The whole performance just really brought tears to my eyes and great, great joy.”

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