Shen Yun Creates a Sacred Space, Physician Says

“[Shen Yun] is very beautiful and very different. That’s why we came up from Tucson to see it.”

“The soprano sang as if the sound was coming from beyond her, hardly any mouth movement. I couldn’t detect a lot of breathing with it. … This is almost ethereal, as if the sound was coming from beyond. It’s very beautiful!”

“I feel very calm and very grounded, almost like resonating closer to our planet.”

“When people create a sacred space like this and share it with others, the whole thing is capable of touching your heart, but you have to be willing to go there, too.”

“If you’re smart enough to allow your energy to just flow with their presentation, then it will awaken all of your channels.”

“I liked the awakening story, where the young man is trained to kill and then realizes that those are someone’s loved ones and because of that, he has an enlightenment.”

“I would definitely recommend the show to my friends.”

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