Shen Yun Dance Stories Are Like Chinese Poetry

“It was so invigorating, it felt like spring coming alive—beautiful. Such a nice blend of beauty and delicacy, and humor and then bringing out sensitive issues to do with Chinese culture and what overcomes that, and it is so beautiful that they are able to preserve all of that in this way through performance. It’s absolutely delightful. It’s our second year in a row, so it’s a tradition, I think we will go every year now.”

“It’s poetry and dance, that’s really what it is. It has the feel of Chinese poetry, the same mental impression with the colors, the flashes, like the simplicity of Chinese poetry is written. There are … statements that just kind of flash. They give you images very much like the language is very pictoral. It’s a very different way of communicating, so it’s very image based and I feel like the dance really represents that.”

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