Shen Yun Dancers ‘Express Every Moment,” Says Theatergoer

“It’s been fantastic. The vibrant costumes, the synchronization of the dancers, the fantastic flips. It’s really been enjoyable. It was a Christmas present for my mom so she’s definitely enjoying it, and she loves the soprano … She was a great singer, very effortless as she sang the song.”

“[During] the intermission [my mom] said, ‘This is fantastic. I’m really enjoying it.’ She goes, ‘The soprano singer gave me goosebumps.” She asked where else do they perform the show. She’d like to take some of her neighbours to see it. It’s been a great experience that way.”

“My mom brought binoculars tonight so it was great to be able to see the [dancers’] facial expressions up close; the expressions on their faces are fantastic. Being able to see the intricacy of their outfits has been great as well.”

“I think they express every moment. Their eyes really, really tell the story when you actually look through the binoculars. … It’s been great.”

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