Shen Yun Evokes Many Feelings

“I thought it was wonderful, I think it’s sublime, I even felt it on the skin, it feels so much in the chest, it seems to me that it’s a wonderful way to feel part of our spiritual history and to feel it and to be able to appreciate visually the scriptures [from ‘Bestowing the Dao’ piece].”

“It seems to me that sometimes when one reads this type of scripture, I call it sacred scripts, maybe sometimes the way it has to represent it visually is short, although in a sense the image that is generated seemed to me to be respectful of what the soul could get to want to translate. The colors seem paradisiacal to me. Well, he [her son] is the one that brought us here, so he’s the one who always wants to see them when they come—and when the show finishes he says, mom we have to come back next year.”

“I found the wardrobe charming, the smile of the dancers seemed wonderful, the movements, the use of the stage space, how they work with digital images but in a way that one can move to somewhere else and they are not, they don’t cut all the imaginative parts. The music seems wonderful to me, the live music, I had never heard an erhu live—I found it a dream to be able to hear it and see it, and the soprano and the pianist were incredible.

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