Shen Yun Expresses ‘Beauty and Grace,’ Says National Martial Arts Champion

“It’s incredible to see different expressions of a culture through movement, through music, through sound, through different artistic means. It’s beautiful to see.”

“You can see there is a lot of care and compassion shown from different stories about how people can overcome different obstacles; try to better themselves; learn more about themselves; become better people, happier people; develop more compassion; and help other people through that.”

“It’s nice to see the artistic expression of the same thing I try to do myself [self-improvement] displayed through dance.”

“[The costumes] really add to the performance, add to the depth of the movement. They use their clothes to enhance how they are moving, how they’re expressing themselves, and it adds a real depth. It is beautiful.”

“They are really expressing this kind of deep beauty and grace through movement. … It has an effect. As they express themselves, you feel like expressing yourself [in a way that is] open, honest, and compassionate toward everyone.”

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